What is KinderCamp?

KinderCamp is a four-week summer program for incoming kindergartners who have not had the opportunity to go to preschool. This program gives them the opportunity to experience a classroom environment, to be exposed to basic math and reading skills and to advance their social and emotional development. The goals of this program are school readiness, and connecting families to community resources that will increase their health.


Check out our KinderCamp projects by clicking on the name listed below:

Art Project             Dental Screenings              Kids Farmers Market         

Day with a Police Officer          Library/Garden Field Trip   


Play School Experience

KinderCamp also has a component of Play School Experience. It’s a great community program that gives parents/guardians and children from 3 years old to 5 years old the opportunity for meaningful interaction through play. Click here for more information.


Why KinderCamp?

Numerous studies have demonstrated that preschool significantly helps children prepare for kindergarten and the school years beyond. Yet, in Yolo County, at least 41% of preschool age children do not experience preschool before starting kindergarten.  Another reason why children aren't successful in school is due to health issues, including sickness, malnutrition or trauma, all which can stem from physical or emotional abuse or neglect in their home or community.

Speaking of home, did you know that 872 Yolo County students in public school are homeless? Most homeless children live in shelters, cars or move in and out of homes of friends or relatives.

The entire KinderCamp community collaboration is important because we connect families to programs that break down barriers to living a healthy life. In order for a child to be ready to learn they need to be free of physical illness, live in a safe environment and eat healthy meals. They need to be socially, emotionally, physically and academically prepared.

How to enroll in KinderCamp!

Your child must be registered for kindergarten in either Woodland Joint Unified School District or Esparto Unified School District and must have had little or no preschool experience or have been referred by their previous preschool for having developmental delays.


KinderCamp Successes

  • 40 Incoming Kindergarteners attended KinderCamp.
  • 24 children took a field trip to our community learning garden and the library, some for the first time.  
  • Families were connected to at least 40 different community resources
  • All children were individually assessed for developmental delays.
  •  17% of kids who were screened were identified in need and 100% were referred to services.
  • 100% of these children improved in the area their expressive language skills and 93% in their social interactions.
  • Children receiving services at the Children’s Therapy Center did so at no cost to their families.
  • 79% improved in their fine motor manipulative skills which is important for writing and using scissors.
  • 67% improved in the area of cognition, which include number sense of quantity and cause and effect.
  • 284 children (KinderCamps and other summer school students) participated in the Kids Farmer’s Market program where they “shopped for” and brought home fresh produce and healthy recipes. 
  • 193 children (KinderCamps and other summer school students) received dental screenings.

For more information please contact Cathy Lee at or call Woodland United Way at (530) 662-3633