Woodland Kids Read

What is Woodland KIDS Read?

It's a celebration of literacy for first graders!  

Funding in part by Yolo Community Foundation and you can visit their website here

It's the community sharing a passion for reading with the next generation. 








It’s our businesses and service organizations letting our schools know that we support them.

We believe that children who are introduced early on to tend to read sooner and excel in school compared to children who are not exposed to language and books at a young age. Studies have also shown that students who don’t read by the end of third grade are 4 times more likely to drop out of high school (aecf.org). Therefore, we’re increasing early childhood literacy by making reading more exciting!

On this day, all first graders visit Woodland Community College, they are greeted by storybook characters from the Woodland Opera House, and they enjoy interactive story telling by Yolo County author Sandy Holman. They also receive a hard cover book and book bag; we have community celebrities read to them, career professionals share about their career, and they are invited to join Woodland Public Library’s Summer Reading Program.  



 “Thank you for your wonderful work! It truly makes a difference to the community and I was honored to be there” – Sandy Holman

“I would like to congratulate the whole team who helped to make yesterday so successful for our kids. Our Freeman Falcon first graders loved the experience, and we were impressed by the obvious effort put in. It was well organized, engaging, and very positive. We are grateful to have been invited again this year, and look forward to next year.” – Ms. Carlson, Freeman Elementary 1st Grade Teacher  

“We cannot thank you enough for giving us such a memorable day!” –Ms. White, Gibson Elementary 1st Grade Teacher

“You all did a wonderful job of planning the event.  We all loved it. Can't wait for next year!” –Ms. Contreras, Freeman Elementary 1st Grade Teacher

Get Involved!

Sponsor a first grade class: A $300 sponsorship provides new hard cover books for students in one 1st grade class.

To sponsor a class or for more information please contact: Woodland United Way at (530) 662-3633


United Way's Woodland Kids Read in partner with Woodland Rotaries

Presenting 2019 Sponsors 

Yolo Community Foundation   &  IBM   

School Sponsors

Howard & Virginia Moehrke      &      Union Bank

Classroom Sponsors  

Vicki Bourn
Buzz James
Julia Larson
Don Sharp & Byron MacConnell - Remax Gold - Woodland
John Martin 
Jim Odusola
Sue Peterson
Keith Petkus
Neil Rutger
Rich & Joy Sakai     
Tom & Meg Stallard
Bruce Watts